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Inspiration doesn't always come from a song, they can come from places and things as well - like finding a costume that opens up a door to create an entire dance, or building a set and having no clue what you're going to do with it, until you start to see it all come together.  It's not always easy to bring to light what is in our minds, and the technical side of creating it can be very difficult as well but we continue to move forward....allowing it to challenge us as we work hard toward that final high - watching it perform.  That is what these amazing Directors do!  You can click on their photos to take you to their pages for a complete list of their works.

              Dejaye Barracuda                                Fancy Bekkers

                 David Gage                                         Kahina



                   Tyrath                                               Emmy

                  Jade Currier                                   Skylar Ragu

              Sweetlips Johnson                             Aryanna Draken

                Kobo Barracuda                                 Brittainy Collins

                 Esme Graham



Without performers, what a director does means nothing.  They are the most important part of the dance.  We spare no expense when putting ensembles together that simply dazzle our audiences!  We create the images that the directors are inspired by - and we bring the performance to life - we know when to dance, what to wear and when to break.  We watch for technical flaws during practices in the event it's something a director needs to fix before a show.  All of our directors are performers as well.  You can click on their photos as they become available for a resume of their performance for the 2016 show year.

                  Maeve Kilara                                        Rissa Ulrik

                 Zalena Stone                                      Clio Anatine           



Its one of many silly things our team does.  Some of our directors have a special object they place on their sets for whatever reasons they want to.  They are sometimes partially hidden but never completely and can be any size the director chooses them to be.  It keeps things fun for our team! 

Dejaye Barracuda: "The Sheep"       David Gage:  "The Chicken"



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Skylar Ragu:  Rubics Cube                 Sweets Johnson:  Edward


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